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Saturday, January 22, 2011

TimberTech Decking and Railing

TimberTech Decking and Railing

I am sitting here on this very cold Canadian winter day (-26c) thinking about some of the different projects I have worked on over the past 25 years. I started Your Deck Company back in 1986, long before anything other that Cedar and Pressure Treated lumber were used to build a deck. I have seen a great evolution of decking products over the years. The other day I met with a good friend of mine. We were looking at all of the new samples of decking and railing that have been coming into my shop the last few weeks. It truly is amazing the amount of choice there is today.

One of the products that I really do enjoy working with is TimberTech. I like the fit and finish of the product line as well as the comprehensive choice of materials. Below you will find a little information on almost all of the TimberTech line that is available today.  I have had the pleasure of touring the different manufacturing facilities of TimberTech in Ohio. The tours gave me a great insight into what really goes into creating products like these. It really is fascinating. As a side note I have also toured lumber mills and the difference really is dramatic.

What is TimberTech?

TimberTech offers a complete line of low maintenance outdoor building products that are durable and made with high quality materials. TimberTech offers a wide variety of color choices and styles, designed to fit your life and design preferences. From traditional recycled wood plastic composite to PVC decking material as well as capped composite; from railing and
  lighting to under an deck drainage system and fastener free flooring options, TimberTech is your one-stop for outdoor living building products.

 TimberTech XLM Sandridge decking
TimberTech is driven by innovation and have award-winning, industry-recognized, top-selling products to prove it! TimberTech was the first alternative decking manufacturer to introduce a patented lighting system specifically created for its railing and fencing systems, providing the best fit and finished look.

You can rest assured you’re buying a deck from a leading, global manufacturer and expert in the industry when you buy a TimberTech deck installed by Your Deck Company! Your Deck Company is a certified  TimberTech Premier Contractor installer. This is the highest standard of certification that TimberTech offers.

 Other TimberTech Advantages

• 25 year residential warranty

• 10 year commercial warranty

• Low maintenance materials

• Splinter free

• No painting, staining or sealing

Your Deck Co. is a registered Premier Contractor Installer

TimberTech Products

• Decking- ReliaBoard, TwinFinish, XLM, Earthwood Evolutions

• Railing- Radiance Railing, Ornamental Railing, Builder Rail

• Lighting- DeckLites

• Fencing- FenceScape

• Underdeck Drainage- Dryspace

• Hidden Fasteners- CONCEALoc

TimberTech Decking

There are 3 dominant categories for decking. Traditional Wood Plastic Composite (WPC), PVC and Capped Composite (wood/plastic composite with a protective poly shell). Both Capped Composite and WPC decking have a high recycled content. PVC decking generally has no recycled content. Traditional WPC decking will require more periodic cleaning using a deck wash product. However PVC and capped composite products have a higher protection level due to the cap shell technology. Cleaning is generally with household soap and water.

TimberTech XLM

• Solid colours as well as distinctive hardwood like streaked colours

• Comfortable underfoot
TimberTech XLM Riverrock Decking

• Premium decking material

• Ultra Low maintenance

• High performance, no sanding, staining, painting

• Fade, stain, scratch and mould resistant protective shell
• PVC Decking

• Solid or grooved flooring

• Light weight

Earthwood Evolutions

• Capped Composite to resist fading and stains

• 25 Year Fade and Stain warranty

• Durable outer shell

• Slightly lower price than XLM

• High scratch, stain and mould resistance

• Subtle wood grain

• Soft underfoot

• Splinter free

• Low maintenance

• Recycled composite core

TimberTech Reliaboard, Twinfinish

• Recycled content

• Periodic cleaning with a deck wash

• Not resistant to mould or mildew, scratching or fading

• 25 year warranty

• Lower price

TimberTech Railing

The railing on your deck can help to define specific areas or zones. TimberTech offers the high-end Radiance rail with smooth lines and no visible hardware. Alternatively the Ornamental Railing offers a more traditional look to your decking project. With several colours and unique styles to choose from TimberTech offers great mix and match options for your deck project.


• Several colours
TimberTech White Radiance Railing

• Strong and sturdy look and feel

• Modern square balusters in several colours

• Easy to clean

• No visible hardware

• Colours match XLM decking

• Mix and Match colours

Ornamental Rail

• Composite recycled

• Sturdy

• Several colours

• Wood like appearance

• Square balusters

• Clean with a deck wash

Builder Rail

• Composite recycled

• Round aluminum balusters

• Traditional style

• Clean with a deck wash

It’s about setting the atmosphere. DeckLites let you and your guests enjoy your deck into the evening. DeckLites add a sense of ambience and safety by illuminating the steps and areas of your deck. Deck Lighting is the finishing touch that will make your deck great.

TimberTech DeckLites

• Post cap light
TimberTech Bronze Accent Post light

• Accent Post light (white or Bronze)

• Riser light (bronze)

• Durable

• Can be retrofitted into an existing deck

• Long life bulbs

• Weather-proof

For further information feel free to contact me directly or visit us at


Todd Mounsey
Owner / Designer
Your Deck Company


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