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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Outside

      As many of you may agree, this year Spring is long overdue. Everyone I chat with is so anxious to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and good weather.
Over the past several decades I have been fortunate to have a career that allows me to work outside, but what is it that draws me outside?

     The buzz of a saw with the scent of freshly cut lumber? The snap of a nail gun? For me this  really signifies spring is here. I also love the summer heat and rain. When it's time for the season to wind down I get to enjoy the extreme cold and snow. There is a great satisfaction for me that comes from working outside.

     I think the biggest draw for me is that getting outside is where I go to relax, unwind, breathe deep, enjoy the fresh air and daydream of what can be created. The rooms within our homes all have a specific purpose. Such as, we go to the kitchen to eat, the living room to read or watch TV get the idea. Outside can become anything you want, and together we can design and create a unique space that will bring your daydreams to reality and satisfy what may be missing from your indoor spaces.

     Being able to design and construct the spaces that bring so much enjoyment to people is what really brings me outside. Whether we create a unique little arbour in the garden, a pergola for some shade, a sheltered dining structure, or a deck for entertaining. Those spaces draw us outside and allow us to relax and keep dreaming. So get outside and enjoy your outdoor space.

Todd Mounsey

Owner / Designer
Your Deck Company